How will you celebrate Smokefree Air on May 1st?

With just a few weeks left until Michigan goes smokefree, we’ve started to wonder how you’ll spend the big day.  Have you made plans yet?  If you haven’t, why not get together with some friends and paint the town or go out to dinner with your family in celebration of Michigan finally going smokefree! 

Please leave us a comment on this page and let us know what you’ll be doing when Michigan is smokefree!  Maybe you’ll go to your favorite bar, go dancing, take your grandkids bowling, or go out on a date – whatever is it, share your plans below!


23 responses to “How will you celebrate Smokefree Air on May 1st?

  1. On May 1, I plan to go back to Claddagh’s Irish Pub in Lansing for the first time in over a year. I just couldn’t take the smoke before but soon I won’t have to worry. I can’t wait for May 1!

  2. I may go to the Green Door and listen to some great Blues….couldn’t go before ..because of the SMOKE…Thank Goodness for Smoke Free!!!

  3. I will go to comedy clubs, restaurants and dancing….maybe even a bar or two for darts or pool ! All things I gave up, because of smoke !

  4. I’m going to add some old faves back into the rotation – Logan’s Alley in GR, The Monarch (aka The Smoky Butterfly), and anywhere else I want to go now!!!

  5. We’re going out! It doesn’t even matter where as long as there is music and I can go dancing again. With everything being smoke-free, the possibilities are endless. Being able to take my daughter bowling in a smoke-free environment is awesome! We’ve never been and she is 6. There were so many restrictions on things we could do or places to go and now, well, it’s just fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  6. May 1st-Ah, it’s The Sound of Music at Muskegon’s Frauenthal, then a stop at a couple of the local SMOKE-FREE pubs on Western Avenue with friends afterwards. Horraay! and Thanks to all of the hard working advocates for smoke-free air who have made this possible–and, I should add, dancing in great music venues enjoyable again!

  7. Barbara and Mark

    We are SO excited! We will be dining out at many more restaurants, bowling, dancing….you name it. All because that unhealthy, filthy smoke will be gone, gone, gone! We’ve worked long and hard for this and cannot wait to celebrate! Thank you to all the establishments that have already gone smoke-free! Cheers!

  8. Jonathan Westbay

    Smoke-free musicians will now have more opportunities to entertain folks. It’s good news, indeed.

  9. We will be going to Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak. It’s a really fun restaurant and has the greatest sushi in Michigan. It was too painful to go there because of all the smoke and the poor ventilation. I can’t believe this day is finally upon us!!!

  10. Rebecca Prichard

    I am going to go out and drink and breathe freely! I have never been the Heidelberg here in A2 and soon I will go. One day, after the smoke clears, I will go to Ashley’s. So many beers on tap and we never can go because it’s so gross. I am sure it will be really stinky though for like a year.

    Also, I am going to be a member of the Smoke Patrol! I am going to purposely go to formerly smoky places and look for violators and get them in trouble!

  11. I will enjoy a public smoke free business because if I stay HOME in this multi-unit condo building the second and third hand cigarette smoke from neighbors continues to kill me. That is happening to adults and Seniors in Govt. Housing as well until we fight to have our right to clean air in our HOMES. Thank-you to all who worked so hard for the rights of our health.
    Please donate to MichiganCitizensforsmoke freeair so they can continue the fine work for our smoke free places.

  12. I’m going on a bike ride! Lansing area residents are invited to the first annual Healthy Lungs Ride — a bike ride to celebrate May 1st!

    You can find more information here:!/event.php?eid=115305758492648&ref=ts

  13. One of the first places I will visit after May 1st is Dave & Buster’s where I can play arcade games in a smoke-free environment! After that it will be comedy clubs, pool halls and local pubs! I can only imagine how incredible this must be for the workers and performers of these places. It’s too bad the casinos didn’t get on-board.

  14. 5 days… JOY! Pool, Bowling, music,a drink,
    all SMOKE-FREE.

    There will be happy patrons, happy healthier workers and musicians every where in MI.


  16. My husband and I are having folks over and we are hitting every bar we can think of that used to drive us crazy with clouds of smoke in the Ferndale and Royal Oak area. Gusoline Alley will definitely be one of the places we visit! So excited that my husband who has suffered in these places forever because of his ashtma will finally breathe clean air. A Big Thank-You to places in Ferndale that decided to go smokefree before the ban began–Bosco and the Magic Bag!
    Also in RO–The Royal Oak Music Theatre!

  17. The Monroe Relay for Life committee and myself have organized a grub crawl for Saturday, May 1st. We have 11 restaurants who are donating to Relay! The whole Monroe RFL community and anyone else who is interested can join us in celebrating! We will be going from restaurant to restaurant celebrating and raising money at the same time. Come join us!! Check our website for details at

  18. My husband and I have a wonderful group of friends ~ about a dozen of us ~ that are starting at Applebee’s in Marshall, MI and will be visiting several local bars and restaurants on our way back to Battle Creek, MI! We’re looking to the smoke free environments, especially at some of our favorite local bars that we’ve stopped frequenting because of the smoke. I have to state that, although I love the smoking ban, I also understand that personal rights are being removed from individuals that want to smoke. I quit smoking several years ago and would love for everyone to quit for health reasons but hope this smoking ban does not lead to bans on other things; music, movies, food, vehicles, entertainment. Please keep this in mind while you’re out this weekend. AND…if you drink, please don’t drive!!

  19. The whole family is going to eat dinner at Xochimilco’s Restaurant and we’ll be able to sit anywhere.
    I’m so happy this bill passed.
    I’m also looking forward to enjoying some blues in the local bars without all the smoke after effects I used to get.

  20. I moved out of state, but am going to visit Lansing, check out the blues at the Green Door in Lansing. I can’t wait to enjoy the music, dancing, and breathe easy at the same time!

  21. I will go nightclubs to see bands, go to Conor O’Neills in Ann Arbor for a pint with my English friends. They live in the area and they are very happy about this ban.
    To Monaya, How do you figure that “personal rights are being removed from individuals that want to smoke’? Smokers can smoke IN THEIR OWN CARS, THEIR OWN HOMES. They DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to smoke in public where the majority of people are non-smokers, children, asthmatics. No one has the right to pollute the air!

  22. Husband and I are going to Colonial Lanes, Ann Arbor and bowl. We can’t wait until the fall leagues start back up and we will finally be able to breathe and bowl at the same time!!! I had to miss several league nights of bowling due to my asthma, as I could not breathe in the bowling alley because of all the smokers. This passage was LONG OVERDUE!!! Shame on you tobacco company lobbyists: my grandmother died of lung cancer due to her cigarette smoking. Let’s hope that all these establishments clean up their businesses, as we still have to worry about 3rd hand smoke–the left-over residue that is in the building’s walls, ceilings, carpets, etc. 3rd hand smoke is a carcinogen!!!

  23. I will be hopping for bowling alley to bowling alley in SE michigan thanking every manager in the area for what they are doing! I truly appreciate all their support and dedication to this celebration. My father has bowled his entire life and I can remember the times we would go with him and sat in the smoke filled places.. NO MORE NOW WE WON!!! I am proud to thank these manager and help them bring families back in to the alley. I also plan to spend my evening with family and friends at the CROWS NEST in CANTON!!! Its all about FUN on SATURDAY MAY ONE!!!

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